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A shared vision

Notice: We migrate to our new domain from 1 September 2016

Welcome to Grapheel

What we do

Our aim is to bring easy access of visual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) data to Blind and Visually Impaired Students. We believe that scientific data of all forms should be accessible to anyone.

Our projects

We are developing an online service which will give users access to a network of volunteers with STEM knowledge, who can quickly identify and describe visual resources for them. We are also working on a tablet device, allowing BVI users to access visual data through touch and sound.

Online services

Our dedicated app allows BVI users to quickly and easily get help with a diagram from a researcher in their field. Our volunteer network of STEM specialists is Grapheel’s backbone. They provide our users with quick and reliable responses to image queries and ensure nobody gets left in the dark.

Tactile Graphics Display - Research & Development

Our Tactile Graphics Display will allow touch interaction with visual data using taxels, or tactile pixels. We strive to deliver the best user experience with an innovative technology in the field of tangible computing, HCI, and Technology Enhanced Learning via this R&D project.

Public engagement & consultancy

We know how difficult it is to find the appropriate support when it comes to making scientific content accessible. Therefore, we find it important to not only innovate and introduce a volunteer community, a new technology, but also to reach out to teachers, parents, rehabilitation workers, who might need a hand with delivering their science classes, solving homeworks with their kids.

Get in touch

You can reach us by e-mailing, or directly via our contact form.

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Latest news

Closed alpha testing of online service began - 1 June 2016

We are proud to say that our web interface is ready for our STEM volunteers to be tested. We asked 15 faculty members at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sussex to give us feedback on how we could improve the volunteer experience and make it even easier for them to provide descriptions. We look forward to the excitement of validated learning.


Grapheel at Hack the Senses - 22 April 2016

Approaching the end of a very intense month in our projects, we put icing on the cake by a talk given at Hack the Senses on Google's London campus.


Winners of Startup Sussex entrepreneurship competition announced - 21 April 2016

We would like to congratulate to the winners of the Startup Sussex competition ran by the Sussex Innovation Centre. Even though this time we didn't fit in the top 3 entrepreneur of the year, we found the competition a valuable experience.


Investment pitch delivered - 19 April 2016

We have given our first investment pitch in front of a panel of seven judges, including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, University of Sussex business alumni, the Director of the Sussex Innovation Centre and Director of Careers and Employability Centre.


BCUR16 conference attendance

Nearly two months after the presentation given at Westminster Palace, at the Posters in Parliament event, our Founder presented Grapheel's R&D work at the BCUR16 conference in Manchester.



We are an initiative aiming to enhance access to science education for blind and visually impaired learners.

Great efforts in making chemistry more accessible. As the young inventor says "age doesn't really matter". Thank you…

Let's make most if not all existing scientific knowledge accessible for everyone who might wish to further expand the domain.#Access2Science

You never know, may be the next ground breaking scientific theory, discovery is in the mind of a disabled person.…

Retweeted Touch Graphics, Inc. (@TouchGraphicsUS): #3D talking campus map @OverbrookSFTB has index feature that...

RT @TouchGraphicsUS: #3D talking campus map @OverbrookSFTB has index feature that guides person to location with auditory feedback

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